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Rethinking Co-existence through the lens of Ocean Calefaction


Orawan Hernmek

The present article is an inspiration taken from the above statement of Sylvia Earle that clearly states the connectedness of humans with ocean. The present research is an attempt to detect the subtle nuances of this relationship and foresee a sustainable future.

To bring this to its present form, I sleuthed on the thoughts of many authors and found that there is a complex interaction between people and ocean ecosystems where coral reefs and indigenous populations share a special relationship. It highlights how these ecosystems are interdependent and how vital they are in maintaining both biodiversity and human well-being.The threats posed by climate change, coastal erosion, and unsustainable activities are unveiled in the present article like a mischievous Puck that upsets the delicate equilibrium between nature and humans.
This article calls for an increased knowledge, collaboration and action to deal with this existential crisis.It also urges a rethinking of the connection between people and nature that is based on coexistence,harmony, and deliberate action for a sustainable future.
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