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Hi, I'm Shreya

She is an interdisciplinary designer and is presently pursuing master’s degree with a specialization in Service and Strategic Design from the Oslo School of Design and Architecture (AHO), Oslo, Norway. She hails from India and has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from UPES, Dehradun, India.

Her exploration in various domains of design finally got grounded in service design as she deeply understands that a truly impactful service goes beyond stakeholder satisfaction. This realization has driven her to explore diverse areas such as Design for sustainability, Futuristic thinking, co-existence through design and critically examining failures within existing systems.
Her creative toolkit isn't just filled with customer journeys and blueprints; it's armed with inquisitive questions , deep diving into user behaviors and a knack for finding innovative solutions in the most unexpected places. While working on various projects, she thoroughly enjoyed delivering her ideas through workshops, storytelling, interactions and journey maps.
When she is not working, you could catch her in the Norwegian woods. Whether she's trekking through trails or on a mission to find mushrooms and blueberries.These quirky adventures might seem unrelated, but hey, creativity thrives on the unexpected :D
But there's more to her story. She's not just designing services; she's transforming possibilities into realities. With a human-centered approach, she's on a mission to turn everyday experiences into something truly special.

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