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Hiring and Interview Streamlining process 


Shreya , Dhvani 




4 months


The employment selection process includes an essential phase called an interview.
If conducted well, the interview gives the employer the chance to ascertain whether an applicant's qualifications, background, and personality match those of the position.

During the busiest hiring season, Accenture receives between 5700 and 7000 applications, and a flawed interviewing process causes several leaks that ultimately result in the selection of applicants who are not suitable for the company.

The major phases of a systematic approach is summed up as: establishing the objective, understanding how the interview is performed, evaluating the As-Is process, and developing a refined service environment.

Competitive landscape
competitive landscape.png

To understand the exisitng competitors in the market , a detailed analysis was done in similar lines of work to gauge their strengths and weaknesses on the following parameter-

1. Automated shortlisting of candidates.

2. Recruitment automation software.

3. Augmented writing.

4. Talent management,SAAS

Key Takeaways

Artboard – 1.png
As - Is process

1 . The process being too fragmented creates a lot of confusion during external hiring system.

2. There are more leakages in the external hiring system than the internal hiring system.

3. Overburdening of a single team and not distributing the work equally.

4. Very less point of contacts for all the individuals recruitment team.

Problem Statement

Accenture needs to keep track of applicants and Empanelled interviewers but finds that using Excel is difficult. Sometimes the applicant and EI are both extremely busy, which causes the entire hiring and interview process to get slowed.Additionally, candidates do not receive enough information about  the ongoing hiring which makes them hesitant to join the organisation. 

Web 1920 – 1.png
Proposed Process Flow
Final blueprint.png
lofi accenture.png
Initial iteration
Prototype - Interview team
TORT-CMT-NewDocument-Contact – 160923.png
TORT-CMT-NewDocument-Contact – 160926.png
TORT-CMT-NewDocument-Contact – 160928.png
TORT-CMT-NewDocument-Contact – 160929.png
Prototype - Candidate
Home Page – 1.png
Candidate – 27_edited.jpg
Web 1920 – 42_edited.jpg
Service Ecosystem

To wrap up...

This project seeks to leverage a comprehensive evaluation approach to build a skilled and diverse workforce. One of its key objectives is to streamline the hiring process by minimizing the involvement of multiple actors and creating a straightforward and transparent application process for candidates.

Wireframe blueprint.png
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