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A service for parents expecting their first child.


Shreya , Chen , Orawan


Bydel Gamle Oslo


6 weeks


This collaborative project, in partnership with Bydel Gamle Oslo, delves into the journey of pregnancy and motherhood.Through storytelling and implementing a range of thoughtful service interventions, we aim to explore the emotions, joys, and challenges experienced by expectant parents and their families. 

We implemented a range of meaningful service interventions that address the specific needs and concerns for parents expecting their first child. These interventions aim to provide practical support, resources, and guidance, ensuring that each parent feels empowered, informed, and nurtured throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

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Interviews conducted with expecting mothers and care providers at helse stasjon (health station) in Gronland and helsfyr.

Julia's first time pregnancy revelation.

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Misleading information on the internet makes me really anxious and vulnerable

No one has a real talk about the post-birth effects

There is a pool of information available and I am unable to filter out the right one for us

I wasn’t ready for whats coming,my life changed and I was not mentally prepared

Mother 31y/o

Mother 27y/o

Mother 30 y/o

Mother 25 y/o

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Co-design worksop held with mothers , midwives , Bydel officials to understand the journey and hinderances in the entire pregnancy process.

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This map, derived from our codesign workshop highlights three themes regarding the experience of having a baby - 

​1.Unclear information.

2.Lack of emotional support

3.Need for social support

*It's important to note that this map serves as a tool to understand general trends and different perspectives on this life transition

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Bridge is a proactive and reliable information intermediary service that supports first-time parents by categorizing a vast amount of information into little nuggets, allowing new moms to rely on the provided information with assurance.


Concept & Outcome

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The service is categorized into three sections: Information, Community, and Connect.
The Information section provides reliable and up-to-date content tailored to your current trimester, sourced from trusted organizations such as Helse Norge, which enhances mothers' confidence in relying on the information provided. In the Community section, users can access and book weekly sessions, as well as engage in group sessions with other participants. The Connect feature enables users to schedule talks and chats with midwives and fellow parents.

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The SMS reminder serves as a helpful nudge, providing Julia with timely and relevant information from reliable sources such as Helse Norge and Baby Verden. These reminders are sent a week before each significant event, allowing you ample time to read and prepare

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"You are not alone" -  a principle BRIDGE stands by. It aims to connect parents with each other over activities and shared experiences.

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BRIDGE offers the convenience of meeting your midwife through both online and offline channels, providing a comprehensive resource for all your needs in one accessible platform.

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Reflections: Opportunities and barriers

The project, aims to connect first-time parents with essential information and support throughout their entire pregnancy.Hence the name BRIDGE.

However, the current focus of the service is primarily on the prenatal period, and it does not adequately address the postpartum progress of parents. Some parents suggested the inclusion of a "fourth trimester," which acknowledges the importance of the postpartum phase.This recognizes that the journey of pregnancy does not end with childbirth alone.

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