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Rethinking Care in 2053

Future of Mental Healthcare services in Norway


 Shreya , Hannah , Giulia , Karianne


Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and Centre of Connected Care (C3)


6 weeks


Nominated for Strategic use of design and Service design Prize sponsored by PwC and Noa Ignite respectively.


As a part of speculative design,our project intented to envision new pathways into adult and youth addiction services at gaustad.
We took over an empty ward of the mental health hospital in Dikemark with an intention to demonstrate how health services could be in 2053 based on different logics.
Through immersive experiences,we opened up questions with our stakeholders about the unintended consequences of existing practices in referral system and brought to life alternatives for what the future could be.

This 6 week speculative service design project was done in collaboration with Oslo university Hospital (OUS) and the Centre for connected care (C3)

Can you ace the game of Maze?

The metaphorical concept of labyrinth created opportunities to poke at beliefs and values that might be taken for granted in the healthcare system.This game represents the key challenges in todays mental healthcare system. For example, having to tilt the board in a wrong way to get the balls back into the maze represents the repetition of work and the need to deviate from conventional approaches.

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"The game brought out old tensions between departments and at the same time, helped participants empathize with each other."

- Case manager

"It helped us seeing the broader picture instead of just looking at our own office."

- Outpatient manager

"The game forced us to rethink the missing gaps in our current system, it was quite provocative."

- Therapist

We developed possible future scenarios by analysing different drivers of change in order to gain a deeper understanding of potential futures in care .These scenarios were utilized as a foundation for the development of future-oriented services.

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Gives people immediate access to care goods & services .The CarePod is a service offering by CareNorge.

If you need immediate care, beyond what the wearable may offer, you'll be nudged to the nearest CarePod

The national platform for all care infrastructure in Norway. She seeks you out even before you need care.

Communal well-being is at the forefront of our priorities, creating a global society that fosters equality, sustainability, and compassion for all.

Through an immersive experience in an empty ward at Dikemark Hospital, we dared to materialized a glimpse of a possible future—an era where care ventures beyond conventional boundaries and seeks individuals out in unexpected places, in this case ; a bustling public park. In this vision, we introduced carepods and Care Norge,nudging people in their everyday lives towards actions that foster personal well-being. This thought-provoking encounter sparked profound questions, challenging the very essence of care itself: What happens to care when institutional walls crumble, and how do we redefine its values and essence in such a transformative landscape?



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