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Empowering youth for a successful transition from high school to worklife.


 Shreya , Lilijean , Kari Anne


NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation)


6 weeks


Nominated for Service Design Prize in the category service design sponsored by Noa Ignite.


NAV via VGS is an innovative service designed to enhance the role of NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) in empowering high school youth and their ability to thrive in a dynamic labor market. By focusing on preventing dropouts and providing support during major transitional periods, we aim to minimize the risk of young people falling out from both education and future employment. Our  goal was to create a comprehensive system that not only prevents school dropout but also strengthens young individual’s access to assistance when needed.
With this project we have dared to think beyond traditional boundaries and have not confined our design process to a mere finished service. Instead, we have crafted a collection of concept ideas, interconnected and brimming with inspiration, intended to challenge and reshape the future of NAV.


During a workshop conducted at a youth center, it became evident that the students are experiencing a disconnection from the numerous opportunities available to them. Many of them expressed-

1. A sense of confusion regarding the services provided by NAV.

2. Furthermore, a few students conveyed the necessity for NAV to be more actively involved and present during the early stages of the process.

Hypothesis :

How might we improve collaboration and information accessibility to effectively engage and support disengaged youth in transitioning into the workforce?

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Concept & Outcome

Let Loose

(Service Intervention 1)

A game that is designed for high school students,this thought provoking game explores two central themes :Emotions and Guidance . Facilitated by NAV contact , the game serves as an interactive platform that playfully encourages students to delve into the heart of various issues,fostering meaningful discussions along the way.

"If the challenge is a conversation and people aren't having it,dont give them a document. Give them a conversation."

- Jethro Heiko

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Feedback from the workshop

" I feel this games sparks usesful discussion and at the same time not getting too personal about an individual's life."

- Student , 20y/o

" I found it fun to be the one asking questions and I realised I am not the only one going through this."

" We all realise that we go through this , but no one talks about it .This game helped us open up about our feelings without feeling judged."

- Student , 18y/o

- Student , 19y/o

Ung i Jobb

(Service Intervention 2)

A digital service under NAV via VGS where youth can connect directly to companies in a NAV service(arbeidsplassen) developed for youth. The aim of this application portal is to match youth with the jobs they truly desire and are relevant to their skills.

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Reflections - Opportunities & Barriers

When trying out intervention 1, I discovered firsthand the facilitator's key role in initiating conversations. It became clear that stepping into participants' shoes and creating relatability is vital for breaking the ice and getting discussions flowing smoothly. 

Small actions that often go unnoticed have a lasting impact when they add up each day, week, months and years. Having low threshold interventions like the game of "Let Loose" creates micro impact and can create a difference not only in the persons’ life but also in the organisation and society by creating a ripple effect.

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